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Performance artists just jumped on the metro car I'm on, yelling "We are the 1%! Where is the dining car?!" #hmm

Hundreds of protesters outside Capitol calling for "jobs not cuts" and for Congress to pass Obama jobs bill

More than 20 House frosh GOP calling for the Senate to pass a budget

The "dictionary sized" piece of the Washington Monument that rappellers pulled off

Pic of the crew rappelling down the Washington Monument inspecting for quake damage. Crazy!

You wouldn't know it, but this is our deficit #Supercommittee stakeout.

Watching at Merriweather Post Pavilion! You can listen to the concert live on .

. playing live at Merriweather, great show!

#Solyndra execs waiting to be questioned (and plead the fifth) during a House Hearing

Dream team! and on discussing Congress. #dailyrundown

NBC liveshot location for address to congress, complete with fireplace and iPad fire.

Hour 4 of GOP supercommittee meeting stakeout, it's going to be a long fall/winter in Congress... #iseedebtpeople

. standing by for the first of many hits on , reporting live from Alexandria, VA on #HurricaneIrene

The water section at the Giant in Alexandria is bare, this seems to be a recurring theme. #HurricaneIrene

Standing by for hit on . Luke will be reporting on DC preps for #HurricaneIrene.

And just like that, all the sand bags are gone! One man said he's preparing for the worst. #HurricaneIrene

Alexandria City residents grab free sand bags to shore up their houses and businesses preparing for #HurricaneIrene

Some major cracks were left in some House Committee hearing rooms after the earthquake. They let us inside one of them:

ready for his liveshot on to report on earthquake aftermath in DC #earthquake

Gotta thank for the awesome Nats tickets...even if there are 90% Phillies fans, still a great time!

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