Living my life gay by day. Views are my own; seriously, no one else is going to tweet this shit. Whimsy and banter #Eurovision #Gay

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It would appear that Dame Maggie learned many of her withering looks from Bette Davis. #DeathOnTheNile

Seriously phone I am wanting cockneys - not anything pervy! *tuts*

WTF! I mention sex in a tweet & now inundated with spam-slut-bots

Seriously phone - I'm not all about sex & alcohol...

Not sure I like the new Chambord bottle - it's lost some of it's camp.

I can hardly believe this is happening:

Ha, close. But it's a bit more:

I wonder if there will still be a Burn's night if there is independence? #BurnsUnionist #NoThanks

Seriously there's dozens of tits in my garden and someone's getting very excited about it..

My garden's amok with tits!!

After 10 days of sunning myself in Mykonos I'm pleased to reveal my tan line! Yes that is as good as it gets.


#Indyref #Nothanks #BetterTogether

Ode to a Grecian Urn... #mykonos

Apparently, Bono was moored in a yacht in this bay the other night when I took this photo. #Mykonos

Taking to Rock on Agios Ioannis - the beach from Shirley Valentine.

Enjoying yet another Mykonos sunset.

Now enjoying a Bulldyke gin & tonic.

Sorry *Bulldog

Enjoying a Champagne tasting at during the #EdFringe #ChinChin

Enjoying a Champagne tasting at during the #EdFringe #ChinChin