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I teach college students to be graphic designers while pursuing my own various degrees. I'm addicted to the printed word the way other people take drugs.

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Here it is, in all its blueberry Volvo glory!

Reasonably sure heater core is gone on my car, so is sharing his sweet Volvo 240 w/me.


Had another go at assembling my bookcases now that the rain has gone. #result

Keepin' it classy, New York Post.

I think it's an '88. As much s I enjoy the Saab, I think I'd trade it for a Cabriolet.

The Saab has a leaky hose, or some such, so has his dad's Cabriolet for the day.

Hampton Beach w/

Okay. Top down, coffee acquired, Sonya's Wednesday afternoon, take two.

Chihuly @ MFA Boston

Result! The body/soft top is in great shape. The engine went, but the car was obviously well-loved.

We bought finger tentacles at Faces and hit up the Artomatic machine.

Seeking refuge from the heat at Worcester Art Museum.

This is what insomnia looks like, underscored by bird song & the voice of a lone crow.

Fucking insomnia. At least I have a view of the sunrise & the turbines to console me.

Dammit. This time of the day is lovely, but I'm getting tired of seeing it morning after morning.

Checking out Beverly Art Fest, eating homemade madelines from Cassis, & drinking bottled Cokes.

I can't believe I actually skinned my knee. >.<

is driving my Saab convertible over the Mount Hope bridge.

Crown Bakery has froggie rumballs today! The only occasionally make them. #awesome