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these men will leave their children a wretched legacy. Infamous for sabotaging the American economy.

You are a monumental failure and everyone is abandoning you, protective of their reputations and careers.

You were great on msnbc. Best I've heard the stimulus & PBO achievements explained. Will get the book.

#AngryAnnRomney as Cruella D'Ville. Natalie was lucky she didn't reach out and snatch her.

Life under the #PaulRyan Plan
#edshow This is real!

#Repubs think people under 55 shd accept coupons for #Medicare. What happens when the coupons cant cover the cost?

#GabbyDouglas devoted her life for this #GoldenMoment. Beautiful pic of the #London2012Olympics Champion.

Golden #GabbyDouglas

#London2012Olympics #GabbyDouglas Olympic smile.

Youth...earliest #Olympic memory 2004. #FabFive

These girls are #Fabulous. USA #London2012Olympics Artistic Gymnastic Champions!

The sweetest mango I've had in 12 years. This,

No kidding the mango weighs just short of 1½ lbs. Julie/Bombay cross from Florida.