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Safari on iOS devices has 60% of all mobile Internet traffic. Blogs must cater to the higher resolution & Safari.

Too many redirects! RT : Bill Clinton making some new friends, reports

Rubio can't get elected with this haircut.

And what about this?

I feel a little bad engaging a witless troll in a fight on abortion. It's just not a fair fight.

Dogs > cats

MSNBC is in a tizzy fit over people calling Obama by his last name. Do they forget how the left treated Bush?

You are a conservative. You are confined only by the walls within yourself.

Here's your morning Joe

It's going to be awful to have Jack Lew's horrendous signature on all of our dollar bills --->

How to deal with a world that's lacking in freedom:

This pic by is not helpful to cement conservative opposition against Obama:

"When placed in command -- take charge. " -Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of Operation Desert Storm

David Gregory's kids attend a school with an 11-person security force & Secret Service, since Obama's kids go there.


Gas station in Nebraska


I went toe to toe with Buzzfeed this weekend on the Second Amendment. I know what's going on, folks.

I've been fighting liberals all weekend on this.