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"465 out of 56 eligible voters cast their ballot" Add yours here: #Drupal

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"Looks like we're in for nasty weather." -CCR

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Is it just me or does it look like just landed on the Deathstar? #ItsATrap

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NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman being honored at the Living Liberally celebration at DCTV this evening. #LL12

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- one of you is doing it wrong…

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Why I love drush.

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Instagram: Social Media Explained

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Pager wrapped in a scroller wrapped in an enigma… #Drupal

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Art by the pound: 5 tons of porcelain Sunflower Seeds sit on the floor of Mary Boone gallery

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Ice skating in Florida on Christmas Eve...

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Keeping the world safe from the menace of ukelele minstrels.

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Just noticed my account on is "7 weeks 7 hours" old, and I'm user/7 #Drupal7 #777

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The enigmatic (and unohotoshopped!) Walt Whitman looks as if he knew it wouldn't rain on 50,000 people who came out the amazing Dumbo Arts Festival today. (an estimated 150,000 for the whole weekend.) In fact it started off as stunning beautiful day, even if it did cloud over later this afternoon. Dumbo Arts Fest is called "the single largest urban forum for experimental art in the United States" though "experimental" doesn't do it justice, not to mention it being a somewhat antiquated moniker. [sic]

Not to be missed projects included the metal smelting exhibition, the nearly lost innocence of Bartertown, and Video Dumbo, which was pretty much the coolest project space in the whole festival– both figuratively and literally.

Wish I could have stayed for the 3-D half-million lumen video projection onto the Manhattan Bridge, making it one of the largest video projection events ever. (starts 8pm) Instead I bid adieu to Uncle Walt, seen here in all his kaleidoscopic glory.

I'll be heading back soon though, mainly to check out apartments. If there's a hotter neighborhood in New York right now, I highly doubt it.

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Apparently I came to the Theatre Capital of the World to see… Batman Live?!

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London skyline (before we it started raining again…)

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"Come In, We're Closed"

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"We do this for love and money"

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