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(cc )

Now available on an 18m video of me getting a "buzz with long bangs haircut" for $7.99!

Bummer that didn't crack the record last night, but it sure was fun watching him try. #kingofkong

Live tweeting #1 of 3 record attempts this evening. #kingofkong

Steve's youngest fan here at Logan Hardware:

Steve just got to level 06 without much effort, it seems.

Here's the machine for Steve's record attempt today:

About 3 gagillion people here to see Steve Weibe break the record.

Steve Weibe is getting ready for his first record attempt.

Tons of starstruck nerds here to see Steve Weibe @ Logan Hardware.

This line is moving about as fast as molasses.

What Apple COO TIm Cook thinks of the smartphone competition:

The Daily Show is here.

Trust me, we're at the right place. (cc )

We're here at Time Warner Center, waiting in a huge line for media registration.

Society at Encore has a special vegan menu! Sweet! #CES

Here's a hint to what my next #CES post is about:

Christ, the line for the shuttle to the LVCC is out of control. #CES

Christ, the line for the shuttle to the LVCC is out of control. #CES