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So then the moral at the end of the story is that YOU CAN WATUSI ANYWHERE

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'are you ready for this shit to get multi generational' '

Have gun wilco

Off at the book-shires

easy green

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Real life indian illustrated by real live indian

the old days when we were in black & white

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vulture jane

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LET'S not. Why don't YOU try not being so vague & noncomittal as to not even say

You ain't nuthin but cotton candy in the sky

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Don't let Courtney distract you from the true beauty of this photo, the top right ad on the black gossip site.

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Governors island looks like an ice cream cone.

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i'm so goth

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A really effective use of my time

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It's like, finally! Someone's said what everyone's been thinking anyway.

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gender bending in a cummerbund at mermaid prom

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More exited than i've been about anything in a while

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You guys remember Judy, right?

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Oh wow old photobucket account gem... check out my sweet mall salon hairstyle & high of choice.

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Cosmo illogical #cosmopolis

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"People still hate each other, they just know how to hide it better." I just watched Ghost World when I stumbled upon this in the NYPL digital gallery. Yowza!

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