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Classics postgrad. BA in English Lit. Middling Latinist. Runner. Guitarist. Brony. Believer in stories. Mainly I just try to be a good person.

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What a group apparently looks like. Seems a good mix of people and levels. Should be fun.

Ah, July 4th. Independence Day. Or, for me, “The Day I Look At My Passports and Don’t Know How to Feel”. ;-)

Tonight’s closing thought: many more #MyLittlePony conventions need to invite as a guest of honor.

Doctor Whooves is apparently a fan of Brighton fish and chips. :-) #MLPConference

I can’t help but think that the snack choices at this #MyLittlePony academic conference were rather deliberate.

Getting myself into an appropriate mood for this #MyLittlePony conference. Thanks, and . :-)

Uniform nearly complete. Just needs that bit of pony flair. Hope it arrives in time. And that all these colours work.

I recently ordered a few items online, so I’ve been expecting packages. I was not, however, expecting this.

If you’ll pardon me, folks, I have an important appointment to keep. #NoFaceIsMySpiritSpirit

Huzzah! Pardon, Amy , but look what finally made it across the pond to my postbox! I’m excited. :-)

With the arrival of today’s post, stuff just got terrifyingly real. I must be out of my mind.

Temporary tattoo test #1. This may be the best I can do for the 10k ponification-wise, so I’d better get it right.

Before I return to my work, have a blast from the #brony fandom’s past. There’s some good advice in there. #YMMV

And then, for reasons unknown, there appeared just off a major road in central Birmingham... a man and his pony.

": Careful, those floors are slippery when wet." In the words of Luna...

From Friday’s run. Average pace and heart rate. I’m getting better at keeping them level, sans warmup and cool-down.

"These said, 'I'm very sensitive, very caring, and I have absolutely no idea how to play the guitar.'"

From the article. Am I being trolled? Folks who’ve seen my panel know better.

Little-known fact that is little-known because I just made it up: the winged sandals of Hermes were also chocolate.