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Classics postgrad. BA in English Lit. Middling Latinist. Runner. Guitarist. Brony. Believer in stories. Mainly I just try to be a good person.

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Fingers and hooves crossed the venue has good AC, because this weekend will be hot.

Here’s a blast from ’s past, signed by , his artist wife Jocelan, and . #MLPFiM

Niece, as usual, apparently approves of my iPhone’s lock screen. And rightly so. (

Advantage of there being a head shop next to my frequent lunch spot: my lighter now works.

Confound you, ! I just spent the last few hours getting comfy with Objective-C! Look what you’ve wrought!

Speaking of pony items: this also arrived today. A kind gift from , made by . Thanks so much!

This was to be my literal hat-tip to the generous #bronies who donated to my 10k fundraiser. Sadly, it arrived late.

Forgot to say that after the race and tacos, we swung by . Nice to see books in the wild.

I get a shiny medal, two great charities get £700 each, and you all get a break from running tweets. We all win. :-)

Feeling a lot better now I’ve rehydrated and got some food in me. And hey, I have a shiny medal. That’s new. :-)

It may take a few to pass the start, but this is it. Four minutes to the gun. Next tweet from finish. Wish me luck!

I’ve arrived in London. My friend has one of those e-cigarettes. Looks like he’s smoking a lightsaber.

Ah. The one song I can never skip past. It’s the common thread that ties together some of my very favourite memories.

Ah. Now we’re actually getting somewhere, iTunes DJ. Though this isn’t the best place to sing along.

How I wish I could listen to music during tomorrow’s run; my awful playlist would start here and just get worse.

I don’t think I ever need to update my Tumblr dashboard again. I’m happy leaving it like this.

Don’t know if the motif of this card from is a sly wink or a fun coincidence, but it’s a nice gesture :-)

Uh, … do you realise that folks like me are going to take reaching the “wired” level as a kind of challenge?

Final total for duplicate files, using Gemini by (great product name): 585.28 GB. I’ll be in the corner.

So, … is this any sort of record? Also, I’ll note that I’m thoroughly ashamed. And the scan’s still going.