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Classics MA student, BA in English Literature, middling Latinist, pop culture fan, and brony. Mainly I just try to be a good person. Amicitia magia est.

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Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, my car battles the blizzard. Hang in there, old friend. I’ve not forgotten you.

A clearer expression of the ingrained cultural differences between the UK and US, I have never seen. CC

Got this a few years back. Love it, but strap is going. Don’t think you stock it anymore. Suggestions?

My bizarre gin martini in the background, with ’s Notorious F.I.G. in the foreground. “Ooh… apricots!”

I’d initially wanted one of these, but sadly they were out of the necessary ingredients. I’d have ordered it… rusty.

This is unusually swish for this part of Birmingham. Especially parked outside of a chip shop.

Ah, my favorite animation glitch. Polyphemus makes an excellent equine. :-) #NoponyHasBlindedMe!

I don’t think I ever knew he appears even earlier in the episode, though… alongside a winged Doctor Whooves, no less!

Ah, it’s good to see Ziggy (aka Twilight Sky), the background pony whose likeness I so shamelessly stole for my avatar.

: Getting on the horn with this Sunday at 7pst. Wing on by if you're free!” And Luna says:

Still, after the Midwestria cigar shot, it can’t hurt to share this one: me trying to look scholarly, with Rome behind.

This may not look like much, but folks who recall my tweets about the last day spent at Horace’s villa will understand.

Scenic Carlisle… train station. I should come up here and actually spend some proper time poking around, I think.

J’accuse! Truly, is there no end to your villainy? RT : *knows it was him , Shuffles forward.*

I think my iPad background might give away that I’m acting in more than just my capacity as Cool Uncle.

Would it be poor form (i.e. fanboyish) to ask these gentlemen to sign my copy? They’re both at my school, after all.

Additional parking can be found beyond Lantern Waste in the bright city of War Drobe in the land of Spare Oom. #UoBsnow

Quite tragically, my tauntaun froze before I reached the first marker. #UoBsnow #uksnow

Lovely. Thank you, Weather Channel. Now, if you’d kindly bludgeon me over the skull a few times, I’d appreciate it.

I’m trying, , but in all honesty, I kind of suck at it.