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Classics postgrad. BA in English Lit. Middling Latinist. Runner. Guitarist. Brony. Believer in stories. Mainly I just try to be a good person.

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I bought this unicorn plush as a gift for my niece, but it looks like got to it first. #AlicornMadness

Oh no! ’s royal lips have touched common carnival fare! #Fritters

A fun little bit of #antiquityinreception, by way of a Fark thread. I for one welcome our new Inuit overlords.

Oh, randomly: I was quite amused to see this at the cash register in the Manchester . #MLPFiM

The principal and most vital aspect of being a Serious Scholar™: using a serious and scholarly bookmark.

Speaking of which, here’s a (rare) shot of me with the comic I picked up yesterday. Lovely cover. :-)

So, , , , and I are holed up in a Costa. With huge Bourbon biscuits. Outstanding.

Uh… Dash? What happened to Winter Wrap Up?

Wandered into the English department, passed this door, and thought “Hey, I know that name”. :-)

This has been in one of the campus shops for some months. Are they still fairly novel, or are they now commonplace?

The fruits of guitar practice. I can feel it in my typing – the usual feedback is noticeably dampened. Good. :-)

As a sequel to her gingerbread Herodotoi (, made gingerbread versions of Nero.

Little-known fact about Rainbow Dash: she’s as much a fan of Petronius scholarship as she is of Daring Do. Really.

Ruby Sapphire. Beefeater gin combined with wild strawberry liqueur, fresh strawberries, and mint.

Emerald City. Zubrowka bison grass vodka shaken with apple schnapps, kiwi purée, lime, and apple juice. Apparently.

I have been ordered by to tweet this immediately, on pain of… well, things best left unspecified.

Heh. and I are starting the night as we mean to go on. :-)

Based on recommendations, I’ve narrowed the choice down. Less flashy is better for semi-formal occasions. Thoughts?

The crucial question: which of these should adorn my jacket lapel at tonight’s department Easter party?

No doubt the giggles will be even louder this time if my colleague sees my desktop again tomorrow, but I don’t care.