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Classics postgrad. BA in English Lit. Middling Latinist. Runner. Guitarist. Brony. Believer in stories. Mainly I just try to be a good person.

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Without fail, any fan activity on my part will invariably express itself in the geekiest way possible. #fthc

A very nice touch in the latest #MLPFiM micro-series comic, which is focused on Rarity. :-)

Good venue. Much smaller and more intimate than I’d expected, which is a definite plus. Two hours until Frank. :-)

Sufficient quantities of having been imbibed, and I have arrived at . #fthc

Quick dinner with , then to for a very tasty with . Next stop: O2!

This is how mature adults use incredibly sophisticated 21st-century communications technology.

Passed this on the way to the hospital. Almost makes the trip worth it, from an academic standpoint.

This exchange between myself and seems to happen at least once a month. :-) #InterArmaEnimSilentLeges

This is making the rounds on Tumblr. Not a bad point. I feel we need a fan animation that uses the second style.

For reference, this is how I have Firefox currently set up (and tweaked to avoid conflicts, obviously).

True to her word at #CA2013, I just received this in the post from . Thank you! I shall enjoy it. :-)

So, and I are apparently terrible people, but we couldn’t let leave without her namesake.

And speaking of Pseudo Pinkie Pie and her groundbreaking work in psychology, here she is hiding behind Rainbow Dash.

“RT : When in doubt, throw penguins.” Unless you’re , in which case, throw your wife.

Also, I decided to have a little courage of my convictions, though thankfully no explanations were required.

Also, my thanks to for letting me be a bit cheeky and get this for .

Also, my thanks to for letting me be a bit cheeky and get this for .

What a roomful of extremely sharply-dressed classicists looks like. :-) #CA2013

Huge round of applause for the #greenshirts. About time! Thanks, folks. You made this whole thing possible. #CA2013

Today’s plenary lecture: Charlotte Roueché, “Back to the Future? Rediscovering Classics in a Digital World”. #CA2013