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Classics MA student, BA in English Literature, middling Latinist, pop culture fan, and brony. Mainly I just try to be a good person. Amicitia magia est.

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Oh, I know full well what kind of books I "should" be reading, but there's such comfort in old stories. Besides...

I wonder: will it still delight me, in this new format, and so many years since I read it last? It’s a risk.

And a happy #FluttershyFriday to you too, . Looks like Fluttershy is learning all about her roots. :-)

I’d really hoped this was a spoof. It isn’t: The class condescension is just… palpable.

Speaking of: apparently S2 F44 is Smarty Pants? I'm always the last to hear these things. Con exclusive, I assume.

Haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, but this is absolutely my new favourite journal article title. :-)

The sky is quite pretty tonight. So, that's one thing for which I can smile and be grateful.

Another not-so-great day. Tomorrow will be better. Calligraphy and poetry are reasonably helpful.

Were I to hit "delete", it would go through the deleting process, but not disappear from the list.

A bio update just for you, . And now, for the third and final time, goodnight, all. :-)

Huzzah! This came in the post today. I love it when new books arrive. It's like a miniature Christmas. :-)

Well, perhaps this will have to become a Monday tradition. Praise Luna and the Moon with glorious meat feasts!

Another brilliant naming suggestion from , since we’re listening to Idina. #FoalyPlaysPokemon #LetItGo

Having defeated my rival , I’m about to go up against Lt. Surge. #FoalyPlaysPokemon

Oh, I see how it is: the minute leaves, his namesake evolves! That’s just bad timing. #FoalyPlaysPokemon

It's academic, in any case; I can no more afford or house it than I can this beauty. Plus, I can barely play.

Out on my walk, I nipped into my local music shop. If I only had the money and space, I'd give her a good home.

No, this won’t make it into the final paper either, but it’s the sentiment I need to express.

No, this won’t make it into the final paper either, but it’s the sentiment I need to express.

It’s reassuring to know that there are still viable employment opportunities for me despite my humanities education.