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Classics postgrad. BA in English Lit. Middling Latinist. Runner. Guitarist. Brony. Believer in stories. Mainly I just try to be a good person.

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I must also thank the most important figure at #GalaCon:

The hotel bathroom steam pipe.

Stay classy, Herr Pipe.

Anyone flying home from on this airline basically wins the entire convention.

Grabbing lunch before I leave Ludwigsburg… at an American-style diner, no less. This should be an experience. :-)

And gets mobbed by adoring fans / Flash Sentry enthusiasts after his panel. #GalaCon #BuyHisBook

At what will likely be quite an interesting and enlightening panel. Maybe. #GalaCon

Thanks to everyone who came by the panel! I think it went pretty well, and that folks enjoyed it. I hope. #GalaCon

Folks are beginning to turn up, and thus my nervousness is increasing. This should be fun, though. Fingers crossed.

Good morning, folks! The tea selection at this hotel brings joy to my silly English heart. Panel in an hour or so.

I’m now officially being extremely naughty, but they had Lagavulin, and they serve it both properly and generously.

See what I mean? Lovely buildings everywhere. :-) #GalaCon

A huge herd of #bronies has taken over what has to be the only Irish pub in Ludwigsburg. #GalaCon

If you see someone wearing this at #GalaCon, however, it could be anyone. I’m planning on a lot of silly photos. :-)

If you see a chap with a bad haircut and this badge, you’ve probably found me. Or possibly a changeling. #GalaCon

Currently storing all this beer for – a very thoughtful gift from and the staff.

“Look! The round things!” “I love the round things.” “What are the round things?” “No idea.”

Anyone care to translate for me? :-)

I believe we beat to . I’m so proud.

I believe we beat to . I’m so proud.

Huzzah, we do actually have a plane! I’m playing “spot the brony”, but no one save is making things easy.

Fingers and hooves crossed the venue has good AC, because this weekend will be hot.