A paradox wrapped in an oxymoron, smothered in contradiction. Always dreaming of my next trip to Disney.

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She's ready for a LOT of food!

A Puggle came in my room and crawled onto my bed. Then she took a nap!

IT'S HERE! #TS3Seasons

Let's play Operation! (Check out those dust clumps!)

Had to wrap my moms bday gift in wedding paper bc she wont let us use Cmas paper

My mom decided to TP Rosie's house this morning...

Christmas is awesome! #HarryPotter #PitchPerfect #Cinderella #ModernFamily

Check out how totes serious my baby brother was.

Our tree is SO BRIGHT.

Straaaaaange things are happening to me! #HappyStNicholasDay

I want this soap!

Some old people just shouldn't drive.

Pollution y u so pretty?!

Our turkey: Gilbert Gobblefried!

Happy Thanksgiving from Rosie!

My Sweetest's Day flowers from Matt

Apparently I won a board game?!

My souvenir from last night!

My plans for the evening: