Asheville Airport


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Did you know you can get 50% off pre-read books at the airport gift shop?

Angry birds in the airport gift shop!

It's finished! A final pic will be posted on our FB page and later today, + info on how to win free airfare!

Chalk planes at AVL! #CIUAVL

The airport is buzzing with activity -- chalk drawing, planes, and cameras. The drawing is nearing completion! #CIUAVL

The artists are hard at work on the airport chalk drawing for Chalk it Up, Up and Away! It's looking great. #CIUAVL

The airport chalk drawing is nearly half way done with just under 2 hours remaining. Take a look! #CIUAVL #avlart

It's a beautiful sight! #CIUAVL

Art is taking shape on the "ramp" (commonly referred to as the "tarmac") at Asheville Airport. #CIUAVL

With the grid complete, the artists begin work on the drawing. Three hours from now, the masterpiece will be complete!

The first step in a chalk drawing? Draw a grid! Planes are coming & going in the background. Great day for #CIUAVL

The first wave of chalk artists have arrived. They'll be drawing a massive piece of chalk art at AVL this morning!

Air stairs are set up so the whole event can be caught on camera from the air + turned into a time-lapse video.