❧And the days are not full enough And the nights are not full enough And life slips by like a field mouse Not shaking the grass. ❣❧ –Ezra Pound

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chewy doesn't care •
not one lick•
for quiet ||

another crow •
another wake up too_____ •
smell the coffee ||


for you & Edward ~ Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday sweetie

You can't get a cup of #tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.

– C. S. Lewis
(still working on the book Mr. Lewis)
#books #teatime

photo credit: (please see for original of this print http://www.kenbailey.com/amazing-but-true--original-painting.html )

just for you my friend ~ the perfect screensaver ~ and the original http://www.kenbailey.com/schnauzer-bath-salts--original-painting.html

who has the blues • who needs a smile • and how to win __ a #booby prize ||

(photo credit:@N03/3771093384/sizes/m/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/34101412/3771093384/sizes/m/ )

many drops one cup •
each opens ____ an eye •
cast into stillness || #tea #haiku

i admit friends • i'm really 'dogging it' • today ||


#paper #books
she wanted to feel •
the fan of its pages •
unfold || another #fridayreads

Just starting a new #fridayreads #books [Unbroken / Laura Hillenbrand] #beinspired

#friendship • a gift • warmer with time || #tea
(watercolor : http://t.co/pKF6eKLD )

#friendship • a gift • warmer with time
(watercolor : http://society6.com/MaiaKobabe )

good'n'plenty custom theme #tweetlogix - driven by the retina screen - Never go to the movies without the licorice

How could anyone be afraid of someone so incredibly sweet?
#dormouse #she'sthewrongAlice

If man has no #tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.

– Japanese Proverb

The way you wear your hat,
The way you sip your #tea,
The mem'ry of all that --
No, no! They can't take that away from me!

– Ira Gershwin

search no further - Babi Yar

sweeter in song •
the more use its cup ||

#haiku #tea