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Cafeinated Hypermediated Leftist Designer with sad devotion to #EvertonFC & UK indie music. From ChCh/Dunedin. Loves Vancouver/London/Melrose

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I just love Hagley Park in ChCh to bits. It's my quintessential park, resplendent here in Autumn morning haze


Hoopers Beach Huts under brooding Nor-West skies in #Dunedin today


Moonrise over St Clair #Dunedin


Nothing like grounded everyday people telling the UK their austerity plans aren't awful enough #IMF

really, this is what the market has delivered, and this is good #NOT Markets deliver $ to a very few

See what happens when you allow #MarriageEquality

Tomahawk Beach #Dunedin on one incredibly lovely mid-Autumn evening, under the #MilkyWay

#Selfie #Milkyway #Dunedin #DunnerStunner on Tomahawk Beach under the stars;-)

guessing you've already seen this, but wow - style!

Lets get #CafeauLait trending & see if can make it again. #BestCerealEVER #CoffeeCereal

Ladies & Gentlemen I give you the Samsun Galaxy Trigger Happy Mega "phone"


'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead'

reaches #1 in UK #Thatcher Brilliant

Heron, Papanui Salt Marsh Reserve - Otago Peninsula this evening #Dunedin

another crab critter #Dunedin Papanui Inlet Salt Marsh as the tide comes in

Crab critter Papanui Inlet Salt Marsh Reserve as the tide is coming in #Dunedin

Huge thanks to for this wee prize arrived in the mail overnight! This is going to be uber handy ;-) thx

this is what the DCC deems as safe for children to play on. We warned them weeks ago

Yellow Eyed Penguin #Catlins