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Don't Panic! #42 #TowelDay

I love Glasgow in the sun.

Now to make another cup of tea and watch SGU ( don't know why I'm still watching it... Oh wait, its for the chance of seeing a bit of this:

Mmm grilled fillet steak salad for lunch. Nom nom nom

I can haz noms & Glee!

Baking hubby a birthday cake. Must. Not. Lick. The. Bowl. Clean!

Done! #UKGE2010 #UKvote G1

Also, the rumours that there is an Abercrombie&Fitch are true... Kinda. It's actually Hollister. Guess they couldn't find models in Aberdeen

ZOMG!! They have a Tinderbox in Aberdeen!

ZOMG!! They have a Tinderbox in Aberdeen!

Although I have been working on my farmer's tan:

O Hai

Just testing new Photoshop for iPhone features

Haha has anyone else seen the xbox avatars of the party leaders?

Just returned from a McFlurry run. Right that's my inner fat girl fed and happy for an other month!

It's ok to binge and purge as long as you brush your teeth immediately afterwards. Enamel erossion is not sexy!

My inner fat girl is crying with joy!

For those that wanted a pic of me in my kilt...

So far haven't burst into flames...

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