this is LadsFM lite. there are no lads. and thankfully it's not on the radio. bigger than a macbook, smaller than a maserati. #LOUIS

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*grabby hands* (at this point it seems clear i will never have grown up~ handbag desires)


what a deal

i just opened everything i missed since i went to comic con. on top of everything i already had open. :(

well fuck you too

reddit, pls

this is a terrible idea AND CAN I LINE UP FOR IT NOW? #sdcc

just spent way too damn long making myself in this game


So, I doubled my usual mug cake recipe....

so I did a thing. You deserve a much better thing, but your words got into my brain anyway.

i... okay

We did the thing all by ourselves!!!

I might be trying a thing. *hides forever*

omg i just clicked on the profile of the guy who messaged me to ask when Midnight Memories was released.

Why are you like this