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Managing director at Nuevvo Webware P.C. & CTO at JoomlaWorks Ltd.

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Beat this LOL

WTF is _com_installer_type??? #joomla /cc

Αυτό είναι...

Got this pic while testing video shoot > download here

My logs are filled with Coda's :) How can I send them to you?

It looks like your addon is causing this issue in FF: the "bookmark" action button is hidden on add/delete

Dear the "bookmark" action button is blank since 4-5 versions back (even in v17) [on a Mac 10.8.2]

In Joomla 3.0.2 it looks like the "module positions" selector for extensions doesn't have any styling >

This amazing portrait is going right behind my office chair... How cool is dat?

"String editor", a Synology NAS Application… Very inspiring logo/pic indeed #nsfw #wtf

Le come - lego

[GR] Μετανοείτε…

HelloΚνίτη! Μιλάμε για uber LOL - η φωτό τραβήχτηκε εντός κτιρίου του Δημοσίου :)

"Τυπική" ελληνική οικογένεια... (παρατηρήστε την ηλικία των "παιδιών")

Deezer suggests Natasha Theoridou & Stamatis Gonidis are actually "metal/hard rock" music, LOL >>

No, not using the sidebar, just a lot of bookmarks plus these (common) extensions… Anyway, thanks :)

Is this normal on the free Admin Tools release?

On the (EU) Mac App Store, Coda 2 is still on version 2.0

The Greek God of #RWD (on the left of course) at #jd12gr /cc

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