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The real Fatty. Official Sandwich twits and twaddle. I am a comical presentation ruler not a test mouse!

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Havin a walk with olive.

Police horse being lunged in Hyde Park #reasonsilovelondon

Oops here's the pic

Done it. Feelin slightly aching . Marvellous team !

10 mile kit kat

With my girls !

Abi Chris and Miranda

Sparkly tit!

Nearly off. Already have sore feet

Abi Chris and Miranda

Sparkly tit!

Team strip

Eatin and drinkin ! Taking this very seriously

Actually. I have bin takin small nap and feel v shakey

Saw Muff twice

I have had the best day. Rob hoekstra the team coach Guy Williams and Scott Brash and a happy person

Nations cup at La Baule. Nick Skelton gone double clear. I carried flag with pride

Scott and guy Williams

Cheers to you sir! We will miss Crom x

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