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I'm a Software Engineer, and a bit of an Artist. Loves cartoons, art and playing games. Overall a fun loving, wacky, technologically oriented kind of guy.

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Hey guys! Sorry this has taken so long, work has been crazy! Want to discuss over Skype?

Technically nothing stopping you from doing something like this… Grouped objects with group fill/stroke.

Is it too nerdy of me to see that and immediately think of Dolly the sheep?

Are you sure it's not time to ratchet the Pony Fandom Fire Level a few notches up to BLACKWATCH PLAID!?

Looks familiar! Laptop, meets pavement… :P

I'd like to point out that this is kind of a silly fix to get Adobe Updater (for CS3) to work… http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs3-updater-detect-any-updates.html

Am I doing it right?

If you're on a Mac try poking around in Character Palette (under font variation) and Font Book.

Cool, I'll add you! Here's a crumby little guide I made a few days ago:

While I wouldn't recommend using it for Myst necessarily, BasiliskII works great for OS7 + Hypercard.

Added you earlier today BTW! Here's a little guide I tossed together for dealing with friend requests:

Woah, crazy! That's definitely not what it shows for me!

Take a look under Wacom Tablet > Grip Pen > Mapping > Screen Area, Tablet Area etc… Screenshot included!

Some Sys7 goodies! Mostly copied from my LC. Hypercard, Netscape3, etc

Some Sys7 goodies! Mostly copied from my LC. Hypercard, Netscape3, etc

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