Fennec Helix


Just a blue fennec fox with big radar ears! #gameDev #Digipen #fursuiter #composer #gay @GearsBreakfast I'm the composer for @hatintime! http://t.co/JlZIrdi9mR

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Ummmmmmmmm *sniff?* #furriesRuinEverything

I odd taste in music when flying…or actually most of the time :P

Nice new and shiny!

You otters are gonna be so jelly.

Another super cute foxy!


I fly soooo much! Love the skies though :D

Almost a laser cutter! :3

That's surly a D- you're way too kind. Here's an A+

That's surly a D- your way too kind. Here's an A+

Yup Shader Compiling in #UDK :P

Well... This is annoying…

Sushi time! Yummy!

He's feeling a bit lightheaded.

Surf's up dude!

These are the scales of the largest living snake in captivity:

One in twenty-five million! Rare albino!

Gaaaaayyy Snaaaaaaakkkeeee! Yay!

Burger time <3