I was told there would be tea and cake...?

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Gracious goodness, the SNOW! =^.^= Wait, that's now snow... #StealthPhotos

Oh Ruth, are you in luck. I have the fluffiest bunny pic ever!


So, um, good night and here's a cute thing.

Even if nothing else in this day goes right, at the very least I have made my bed. #CelebrateTheSmallThings

Instead of an incredibly depressing tweet, have a collage of red pandas.

Finally finished swatch for 's Robin Hood KAL. Of course I didn't get gauge! Going up a needle size. :)

This is going to be me today.

The snuggled bear. His name is Rupert. There's a story behind that involving phone-ins & Family Guy. It's not my story.

What do you do when the most adorable of evils shows up in the mail? Yes, I would've been a supremely twisted mama. :)

The baby albino koala and I bid you all a good night.

I believe this primate photo accurately conveys my response.

Sweet monkeys. You wanna talk about a mess! It's a learning experience. XD #awful #nailpolish Soon #NailPolishRemoval!

Now, this baby octopus & I bid you #GoodNight.

#GoodNight Twitterverse. Enjoy this sleeping baby bunny.

There have been far too many sirens (fire AND ambulance) going past my house tonight. Please let everyone be okay.

In extremely weird non-news, there is a little dead skin heart outline on my thumb where I burnt it last week. O.o

Bedtime for sleepy ocelot kitten. #GoodNight

Because I'm a grown-up, that's why. #SoThere

Guys, I'm sorry. I'll be happier tomorrow. Or quieter. :) Here's a sea of ducklings for your troubles.