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Fire burning in Central Athens -

got dark quick in Athens, sill loads on the streets -

Ambulance carving on the 'front line' in Athens -

setting up barricades -

amazing amount of petrol bombs -

ouch, petrol bomb hit police, terrible but familiar scenes in Athens -

Tear gas has created a gap between the protestors and the police line now -

Police really outnumbered here -

BREAK :: Police come under attack by thugs, not protesters, in Athens -

Syrian state tv split screen; Friday prayers one side and a bit of a dead body on the other, really -

Watching car chase suspect on the run in ..where? Why LA of course -

I noticed they're running promos where the al jazeera logo appears and the get splattered in red -

oh yea gov for sure, it took over one of their previous slots. Just called 'Syria news'

Big times in Greece right now, party leaders meeting to agree reform deal in exchange for more bailout money -

crowds gathered outside gov hq in argentine capital -

Hmm sone guy giving interview outside after speech just attacked by protesters or something

Syrian tv showing vid of a derailed train in homs, no idea when that happened -

Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore meets Palestinian demonstrators in Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem today -

bit of an explosion in moscow per local agencies-