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a bad fore it is too -

picture of the building hit , black smoke -

Obama , House Speaker John Boehner at meeting of congressional leaders moments ago -

Hamas briefing now -

PICs from Lisbon, via Reuters -

PICs from Lisbon, via Reuters -

protesters pushed up side streets by police in Lisbon -

Monitoring Portugal where #n14 protests are getting heated with police -

BREAK / #Gaza // TV capturing explosions on camera -

PIC: TV images showing smoke rising from Gaza -

PIC: TV images showing Israeli military over Gaza -

BREAK // First images of destroyed car in Gaza (Isreal Ch2) - cc

#n14 #Italy // Anti Austerity banner atop the leaning tower of Pisa -

#14n #Eurocrisis // Banner makes it clear really -

PIC: Another night, another anti austerity protest in Athens - Photo AP/Dimitri Messinis -

serious attacks on police in Athens, very serious, one nearly caught fire a few seconds ago -

ok, looks like a warzone now in #Athens-

Fireworks thrown, police deploy water cannon in #Athens -

Petrol bombs thrown now, police charge a bit #Athens -

#Election2012 // Romney and Ryan together at airport now (both in white shirts in the picture) -