Daniel Feit


American man in Japan. English teacher. Freelance writer. Video game enthusiast. Karaoke monster. Somebody's father.

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This guy is awesome, too #oyaji

This guy is awesome #oyaji

It was! #midosujigurume #OMGoishii

YAMAZAKIIIiii #hotinhere

Homemade katsu curry! #OMGoishii

Elementary school election posters. Game & Watch FTW

Woman + mustache = Lou Gosset Jr? #ohjapan

We'll need an entire section for these books soon

Nevermind games, this is the best 1000 Yen I'll spend in Den Den To wn today

This camel must be broken, Dad

It ain't Bondy but it ain't bad. Envy me, !

Two great tastes that...ugh, no. No, no, NO.

Best hands-on I've had all week #tgshasnothingongo

Avocado Shrimp Gratin @ 200kph #OMGoishii

Fabulous! I never want to eat this monster ever again. #OMGoishii

Outback? Outback. #OMGoishii

Eager guests photograph at Bondy Curry

Best. School lunch. EVER. #OMGoishii

A Clockwork Orange: The Opera? In Japan? #wtf

Vomit the rib? #wtf