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I'm looking at the Japanese ads for OUaT and... they're looking very Japanese drama. AKA egregiously bad photoshop.

How about this guy's pacemaker? He doesn't even need it now.

FACEBOOK IS GOOD FOR SOMETHING I found the pictures, Megacon 200...8?

There were replicas on eBay, have one:

Watching Vikings. Adult!Bjorn's actor, Alexander Ludwig, is now my fancast for Teddy/Hulkling. Holy wow.


Time to start sorting through Comiket books!


Progress~ http://twitpic.com/ea37a6


current workspace:

status report: 4am. iron man glove built after much trial and error. first coat of plastidip drying. (pic pre-rubber)


Hah, the top three pairings under the tag Femdom:

lol, roomie has this on a hoodie http://www.redbubble.com/people/br0-harry/works/10153984-control-4colours and this mug

ブルース・バナーのスーツか…(アベンジャーズの最後) Looking at suits for Bruce Banner cosplay...hmm... thoughts?

Bed was fully assembled in a few hours!

Stair section assembled! Pretty sure the directions say to use two people.

Woohoo! A new 4DX theater is opening in Odawara, and on 8/2-3 will have another #PacificRim weekend! Are you in?