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Freddie Freeman lookalike...Buzz from Home Alone.

Am I the only one seeing the resemblance b/ Mike Leake and Kirk Cameron? #crazyeyes

We're being forced to change the "This is Braves Country" slogan. Here's the updated slogan.

John Steigerwald is a spitting image of Ron Burgundy. #stayclassy

Here's a pic from the last HR Dan Uggla hit against us as a Marlin. It obviously was plumbers night at the ballpark!

Digital Nate > Pittsburgh Nate

I'm sensing a Scott Boras conspiracy. I keep finding these cards near Jurrjen's locker.

Don't think #RedSox fans are going to like the remake of the movie Turk 182.

The locals are getting restless over the batting order.

#MLB Gameday has a 'Nasty Factor' on it's pitch counter. One of Hanson's sliders registered a 'Kardashian' last inning.

If Tim Hudson's slide had a theme song, it would be "Free Falling" by Tom Petty. Here's why...

The Kid woke up this am and updated his sign. I snapped this on his way off to school. Tonight should be fun!

It's real and it's spectacular! #honkytonk

Here's the updated sign. Can't wait to see what he does tomorrow for release day.

Sign updated to 1 day left until The Clone Wars finale. I'm interested to see what he puts on there tomorrow.

Unbeknownst to us, our kid has been holding up this Clone Wars sign to other cars from the back seat!

It's spring training for ball boys too. #thewhiff

It's spring training for the f/x guys too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, , showing off one of the reasons we call him #fab5freddie.