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OMG look who works near me at E! aka I see #Fringe everywhere. #thecoolest

"When it gets hot I slip my top off."

Just found out the Newfoundland I dogsit had to be put down today. So sad. Rest in peace Zues.

I'm not sure what Amazon's book suggestions say about me: OK City bombing, Murder in Peking, America's fight for Bataan

Waiting for Godot.

Flannery judges as I Tim Tam slam.

haha I can relate

Thanks fortune cookie but how about we move up that timeline?

Pony time! (For him it's banana time)

Duh. I'm watching this movie and only this movie for the rest of time. #goblinsharks

This adorable guy is my doggie charge for the week. He doesn't like pictures.

Now this is the royal wedding of the year! #mylittlepony

I'm insanely excited for these two stickers. I really need a Trapper Keeper so I can display them.

I think my #drawsomething for seasick was a particularly inspired masterpiece.

Flannery is just resting his eyes too. #hesleepsallday

Almost dropped dead from how amazing Ethan Peck looks in this ad. #needhimobmyTV

Flannery really likes Hugh Dancy.

I'm proposing a Flannery and buddy detective show. They be so cute

Yes in fact he is half burrowed into the couch.

Looks damn cold for an Irish surf competition in Portrush.