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I'm just someone who wants to be manny things, an artist, animator, reviewer, popular =} I may be furry but there's nothing fancy about me =}

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here is all the data for May 1st. from midnight to midnight. #kswx #kcwx #weather

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This is why lone wolf can't have nice things

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Yoshi get daze! (I got a yoshi)

this is what you call very bad sticker placement. #furriesruineverything whoever put that on there must be furry

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Ok now here is with a smile

Help I'm being held captive by an adorable cat named William

ok now the photo hehe

I'm glad ya do. Eventually she will become a full feral sea dragon. And now a random pic out me window

Ok random photo time. Who it is and what show it is, is to easy. Name the ep.

When is a shoe not a shoe? When its concrete. This has been a random tweet.

this is the funnyst spam I gotten. A ticket in NY? 1: I can't drive 2: I havnt been to NY in years 3: I was sleepn

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I just sneezed like 4 or 5 times. Also most of the trees are going from green to brown. No other colours.

this where I got food tonight.

this is good food

What the heck is a Today? Is or some sort of car? Taken from YUATV 2 06. Care to explain? They called it today all ep.

Since I have nothing to tweet. Here is a photo from the couch. Yes that's my purse on my bed :-) I'm lazy

I'm tweeting while Halfshell sings. He rocks. Also a sunset

Lookie! I got new shoes from today. I love it. Look on my facebook for more.

Because I'm bord I'm going to share my dinner with all of you. No I don't really have anything better to do.