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مصر بخير. احلي فطار فول الخ .
في السيارة من سيارة فول في الشارع. يوسف الديب

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مصر بخير. احلي فطار فول الخ .
في السيارة من سيارة فول في الشارع. يوسف الديب

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Eat everything you love in Ramadan with moderation and you will maintain your weight. Abstention and binging are behind weight problems.

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Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine 36 drinks recipes provide great ideas to rehydrate your body between iftar and suhour.

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Cucumbers have enzymes that help digest proteins. Find many recipes with cucumbers in Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine.

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Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine's 276recipes take load off ur shoulders 2 come up w/ideas 4 the 30 says of blessed month

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Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine has 36 Soup recipes to break ur fast gently to replace nutrients &help digestion of meal

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Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine is loaded with 276 scrumptious recipes one more delicious than the next. You will find recipes for soups, beef, chicken, dates, fish, lamb, kebbeh, Fatafeat table, desserts, macaroons, mouneh, drinks, rice, salads, sambousa, stews, mezze, moussaka and suhour.

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Ramadan is a month of generosity and hospitality. With Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine you will never run out of ideas as of what to cook for your family and friends. Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine will help you impress.

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At iftar time, after preparing a delicious meal from the recipes in Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine, it is an important part of good digestion to chew your food well. The more you chew your food the easier it is to digest especially after not eating for a long time. Chewing well helps avoid indigestion and its related problems.

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Share Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine with your children and have them choose what they love from amongst 276 recipes for iftar and suhour and let them participate in the preparation. This will give them a sense of pride and will make them eat foods that they had refused to taste before because they made them themselves. (Forget about the mess they make. It is beside the point and it will get cleaned eventually).

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Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine helps you have a balanced and varied Iftar which incorporates dates, soup, salad, a main dish, fruits and a small piece of Ramadan dessert. Moderation is key.

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Choose recipes from Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine for your iftar & suhour then make an ingredient list prior to your shopping trip to limit buying more food than you need from the supermarket.

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Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine offers sumptuous dessert recipes. Do we have to skip desserts in Ramadan to maintain our weight? NO. The thing to do is to eat desserts 2 to 3 hours after iftar because eating desserts immediately after iftar increases the size of our stomachs, delay in digestion and causes fluctuations in blood sugar which increases sugar cravings. And when we eat them, we should eat in moderation.

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Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine has mouthwatering egg recipes good for both iftar and suhour. The UK Health and Heart Associations have lifted the ban on the number of eggs to be consumed. Eggs are a good choice for a healthy diet. It is saturated fats that should be avoided when watching one's cholesterol or heart health.

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Instead of deep frying or using excessive fats in cooking, use shallow frying (usually there is little difference in taste) grilling or baking which are healthier and help retain the taste and original flavour of the food.

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Who can do without broad beans, whether fresh or dried, in Ramadan. Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine debuts "foul" in new recipes and refreshes our memories of "foul" in traditional recipes but with a contemporary flare.

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Rice is called عيش in the Khaleej. Rice is synonymous with life. Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine shimmers with an attractive rice recipe on its cover and with more rice recipes to be discovered in its glistening pages. صحة وعافية

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Tamr is one of the healthiest foods to eat in Ramadan. In Fatafeat Ramadan Magazine you can choose between several tamr savoury and sweet recipes. Enjoy.

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