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Moe to the E to the... MOESHA!!

Whewww did I just Tyrese, I think I'm in love!

Made the most fire-est most delicious omelet right now! Mmm :)

Smoke, evacuation, loud sirens... All at 3 in the morning seriously?

Awww my cereal came out as a heart! God <3's meee ")

Ahhh spotted my poster today ...I feel famous! :)

Ugh this new diet I'm on #sucks

Little Tokyo


This is a REAL Mexican Restaurant #loveit

Me and fitted on this young Christmas night!

Made my sister hot pants for Christmas #donthate on that figure! :)

Ni**a please??

Sistah Sistahhhh

With at Roscoe's #yay

Hey everyone, meet Jiggy... He has his own seat in the car, he's even wearing a seatbelt ")

wearing some pink fuzzy socks #swag lol

What's wrong with this picture?

This guy's hair looks like a snow cone lol

Kissing under the mistletoe