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Visual artist, writer, writer's file with The Tonight Show, has art in White House collection, paintings, plaster sculpture, mosaics, TV. Tweets in the nude.

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Lying little opportunist, #Alex #Jones, wondering who took a crap on his shadow. Did it himself! #teaparty

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Captured!: The actual brain cell of Congressman Louie Gohmert R-TX.

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Atelier Farrell Hamann. #Sacramento, CA. #sculptor

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Psychonetsoft: Say: I like it, I like it until dizzy.

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Name the Bonehead! Who IZ it? I won't tell

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Bug Dome before cats broke a chunk off the edge. #Mosaic #Art #sculpture.

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The Tea Party Super Ray Gun. (guy fed his kids crap for 6 months to buy this thing!)

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The museum quality Castle Collection is looking for a home as a turnkey tourist attraction at your location.

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My King James Bible, Palm 68-16 says that God lives in a hill.. forever. That's what is says!

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The darkness of the right wing in America #Koch #Rove #Newt

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Rep. Louie Gohmert R-Texas. So stupid you could weaponize it

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#Perp walk of the cataphile. #cat

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Little something for the billionaire #Koch boys. Boycott Georgia Pacific Products. AFP is astroturf BS

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Critter collection in now 21 pieces and may remain so. This is a better quality pic. #Sacramento, CA

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Castle Detail. Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Castle Collection. #Sacramento, CA

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Global climate change is happening. #Koch brothers don't want you to know and act on this and create disinfo.

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Bonehead No.5. Name this Bonehead! Who iz it? I won't tell.

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#Murder by #Koch Industries in Corpus Christi, Texas. DOJ, look the other way? Yes

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Little something for Koch brothers, Citizens United, ALEC, and the Tea Party Passives.
"Sorry" about Mussolini

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#Charles #Koch is the real Charlie the Tuna. Sorry Charlie, you know crap about economics and you're an asshole

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