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There are no rules in hairdressing. We're the only rules. ~HorstRechelbacher

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New Addition! (spoiler alert- it's furniture, not a pet)

I really hope owns these.

Hey my foam roller has instructions on it!

can you play darts with cars?

done and done. Eating commencing now...

Fainting Couch in #bathroom. Noted, may need that later.

Anyone wanna hold my hand thru this traffic? #IrvinehereIcome

It's like a painting of a sky outside the kitchen window.

Ummmm really?

Sitting in my outside nook to write thank you cards & catch up on my Hulu watching :)

Good morning #hbogo.. Bill Maher special hosted by Keith Olbermann & Michael Moore.. Some #crushes on my TV :)

Finally a perfect spot #robots

Craft Shelves up & running! #WhatCanIMakeForYou?

Fun filled evening :)

this is my manager making a second stab at the correct # based on it being her birth year. #notgood

Good job on lunch, there.

Ya know how #Ikea offers a service where you can pay to put your stuff together? I think #staples shld offer package opening.

My house is a G'dammned sauna so I might as well have spa day. :/