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Multi-media journalist; reporter on race, generational identity, and politics; and author of four books including novel Kiss the Sky.

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I'm on right now.

Geo-nostalgia for a place where I wouldn't eat the food anymore. #GraysPapaya

. Club Harlem revue. These ladies did it up right!

Happy Valentines, my Twitter dear ones!

Able was I ere I saw Elba. (Thx ) Off to write, with a little encouragement.

4:30 eastern, , intvus Tanya Selvaratnam, author of "The Big Lie" abt how long women can wait to have children.

"Visionary organizing depends on recognizing those people who are doing something and supporting them."Grace Lee Boggs

Prospect Park, snow-shrouded, just after sunset.

This is where the road has taken me right now. #gratefulLady

Merry Christmas! Among my gifts, my very own small Tardis. #DoctorWho

First time seeing Plan B ($55) in east vill pharmacy display. #contraception

This Miami cabbie refused me and friends service, then tried to wrest phone from me when I took pix. More tbd.

Um, this is a Tom Colicchio duck grilled cheese. #ArtisanSeries #nom

How my family rolls: 12 guests, 9 homemade desserts.

. during Jesus Walks after bring out a White Jesus walk-on.

This picture doesn't do justice to rhyming on Yeezus Mountain. Brilliant staging and design.

Not that you can tell, but this is at show.


#TrayvonMartin's mother and Prof Ogletree in convo right now at Harvard Law School, 1515 mass ave

Harvard Square on a shirtsleeves-warm day. And that's my freshman dorm on the left.