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ROTW says: No thanks. My chart on EFSF bond sales, Europe vs Rest of World over 4 auctions. : http://bit.ly/s5IlSY

AAA France and its AAA lifestyle: France's finance ministry complete with own helipad and riverport

#iSad in London...

Racing through the heart of the coal and steel heartlands on the Franco-German border where Europe began its political integration

Black block protesters wearing gas masks on march into #syntagma

About 5000 striking teachers, students arrive in #syntagma. Protesting what I call Operation ArmTwist

The Deputy PM's wish for new british infrastructure reaches N. Hill. The 2 day a week public loo

There appears to be a protest outside the reopening of Portobello rd public lavatory. Hilarious!

Someone's turned the BT Tower into a giant light sabre... Strange sights on my cycle home ...

scoreboard vs city's feeder team

Updated! The arsenal fans' in their favourite "away stand".

Not bad ....

The "away enclosure" at old Trafford that arsenal fans love singing about oh-so-much

For the first time today a team with mancs playing is beating a London team 5-1

Guide in a NY open top tour bus just shouted "S&P shame on you" driving past it's HQ (not the bus pictured)

Americans wondering what's going on in England...

A "meditation for conscious prosperity" occurring on Wall Street outside the stock exchange

up down up "Crazy Stox" are likened to what in the New York Post

London riots make front page of NYT ...

Tension mounting as traders realise it's neither the Smurfs nor usher opening the NYSE

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