Web designer who plays Wurm Online on the Independence and Pristine servers. Also plays Neverwinter and RPGs; reads fantasy novels; and watches zombie movies

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Better shot of the spirit templar. They really did an awesome job this year! #WurmOnline

  • 669 days ago via site
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#WurmOnline screenshot of the day: Champion spider-pumpkin vs. shade templar (lower left side)

  • 669 days ago via site
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I found a shiny! #WurmOnline

  • 671 days ago via site
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My prize 5-speed horse Masterpot wearing leather barding and a saddle...love it! :D #WurmOnline

  • 795 days ago via site
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My knarr that I started building when I had only 24 ship building. There's a reason I named it Perseverance :P

  • 801 days ago via site
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Finally got a good picture of the new hell hound model (and my templar fighting it) #WurmOnline

  • 806 days ago via site
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#WurmOnline screenshot of the day: Valrei and Seris reflected in the lake

  • 806 days ago via site
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#WurmOnline screenshot of the day: Misty sunset

  • 816 days ago via site
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Good god...what have they done to bartenders?! O.o #WurmOnline

  • 823 days ago via site
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Just noticed that piles of corn show up in little baskets now, and potatoes in little sacks! #WurmOnline

  • 824 days ago via site
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#WurmOnline screenshot of the day: Partial eclipse of the sun by the Jackal moon...and a random scorp on tundra

  • 827 days ago via site
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#WurmOnline screenshot of the day: The moons Seris and Valrei next to each other in the night sky

  • 830 days ago via site
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I am loving the new hell horses. I'd be tempted to ride around on one just for the coolness factor. #WurmOnline

  • 837 days ago via site
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A face only a mother could love. #WurmOnline

  • 837 days ago via site
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Scorpions are much creepier now than they were when they were faceless. #WurmOnline

  • 837 days ago via site
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But officer, what ever gave you the idea that I would be a pyromaniac? #WurmOnline

  • 956 days ago via site
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A rainbow shines over a giant scorpion #WurmOnline

  • 956 days ago via site
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I found one of them when I came back to the game, and she's alive and enjoying her retirement :)

  • 1169 days ago via site
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Did you know that the trick or treat pumpkins count toward Seeker? I sure as hell didn't...

  • 1401 days ago via site
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Did...he just call me a treasure? Is he trying to threaten me or flirt with me? #ThreatFail

  • 1506 days ago via site
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