Self-imposed exile to Walthamstow-on-the-Marsh. I don't know what happens on the other side of the bridge anymore

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this is the dining room dear...

Have I been burgled? I honestly cannot tell anymore.

what's the brief? Is this 2012's logo?

beautiful tree. Wonder if same field as this one i took at the marsh. Do u see zombies? I do...

Council might have to go on notty step for taking down the dog control online survey a day early?

online survey has been taken down 1day early

Lovely peeps of Walthamstow petition saying no2 unfair dog control orders which penalise majority #WalthamForest4Dogs

Lovely peeps of Walthamstow saying no to unfair dog control orders. I have 130 sigs. Others have more petitions to come

bit of MDF wood did the trick!

explain this

: #uksnow E17 3/10” Can't wait to sunbathe out there later.

OMFG. Breakfast has been delivered *_*

u need to learn from this is how she hints for me to switch off (by taking over it)

Thanks have tried same key words = 15 results but still can't see dog survey

thanks,I've just tried same wording & cannot see the survey among 15 results

LBWF dog control consultation impossible to find

I like it. Bet you can make it better & cheaper! £3500 #ouch

ah... 5th no good for me.. but fri 12th I can do!

Good #WalthamForest4Dogs meeting Thank u4 welcoming plenty of pooches tonight! & now hubby made me this :)