love, chili peppers, photography, films, games. I find things interesting but that doesn't mean they matter which in turn doesn't mean they don't.

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Oh, I found Steve too, picking up his jacket on his way out from #Gamex2012

Great nerdy podcast, live show at #Gamex2012. I had fun, thanks (Swedish)

Random creeper at #Gamex2012

Back now. Last night I was in the woods sniffing the dirt. With a desire for meat. Maybe next month I'll catch my prey.

Frost #Stockholm

Full moon in two days. No wonder I was feeling like howling.

Snow and leaves. #October

Air in my lungs, sun in my eyes and love in my heart.

Eye of the birch.

And then it sets the world on fire.

Feels like autumn is growing from the ground.

This is my kind of beer. Emelisse.

Things of the past. #VHS Nostalgia on its way to the trash.

Walk in the #Stockholm autumn sun. (Stone, creeper and sky.)

Morning walk in the sunshine. Birch and bird. #Stockholm

Now you just have to find your shoes. Yes, they're outside of the apartment because there was no room left inside. glhf

It's a party. #3mos

Last time I said there are no refined sugar or grains. I forgot to mention there are no additives either. #breakfast

No refined sugar or grains. #breakfast

Doll waiting patiently while I'm at the computer. #onedolladay #workinprogress