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#vienna, in front of the ferris wheel from 'The Third Man' w/ , founder of #freebradleymanning network

150k Trolld. legendary. me included. here's the corpse: ( i missed the pillow shot, dammit)

like way. i was wondering if the cameraman was drunk. loved the laptop shot with beeeeeep.

so, the assisted suicide was a troll. legendary. screenshot:

Not bad stats: 20,201 clicks on my tweeted links in the last 14 days from 100 countries.

Congrats, you have been:

We are an absurdity, we take ourselves far too seriously & but shadows of our true selves when we cannot laugh.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? We are united as one, divided only by our leaders.

#oppaypal is now the THIRD trending topic WORLDWIDE. The power of #anonymous #antisec:

#vienna is full of buildings with beautiful cupolas.

a cool #graffiti wall i havent seen b4 in one of %vienna's countless parks i havent been in yet

via #WBC godhatesfags.com down once again - Now redirects to Gay Chat. (screenshot)

350 BILLION per DAY. #FuckYouWashington

READ THE INFO IN THE SCREENSHOT, whose account it is.

why #FuckYouWashington is NOT trending: only 12461 tweets GLOBALLY (incl. RT) since hashtag started.

#fuckyouwashington TWITTER DOES NOT CENSOR HASHTAGS, PEOPLE: http://bit.ly/mPiwbZ

It's kitteh play tyme: Gotcha! (and i only needed one eye!)

It's kitteh play tyme 2

It's kitteh play tyme

getting more surreal: #Breivik in a wetsuit with an machinegun taken from a video titled "Knights Templar 2083"