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Sports enthusiast & marketing executive (energy industry), consumed with politics, reading, writing, & the constant pursuit of A-game perfectionism.

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NE Patriot is classy as heck. Donating $100 per catch and $200 per drop to #bostonmarathon victims.

Terrific Hanukah/Birthday Gift from the gntl'men in my marketing dept. Big thank you to & .

Unbelievably heartbreaking pic: Israeli mother protects daughter during air raid siren. Makes me cringe & tear:

Eerie picture of an abandoned Kotel following rocket-sirens. #WithIsrael

Here's the CHANGE we all voted for:

That awkward moment when you realize an energy drink has a better space program than your nation. #spacejump

I kinda had something to do with Jeter's injury. This was my tweet just an hour before he broke his ankle. #JINXED

All hell is breaking loose at bec of Tweet sent out by an employee thinking he was on his own acct.

Find Obama. Then look at 11 o'clock. Classy. - Originally via & then captioned by

I HATE unions. takes to the to tell their side. NYT readership aren't the 1's that need appeasement

Cleverly produced by the Hospital for Special Surgery in Today's :

Pic of the AirShipSpacePlane f/ my office window in Orangeburg, NY. Not as up-close as the media's, but authentic.

What's doing sitting traffic on the bqe while the show is going on?

New meaning to "suspension bridge". 'zano bridge in SI. Wonder if I only have to pay half toll!

Park my car in brooklyn, and 30 mins later I come back to find a used pregnancy test waiting for me.

Again, this is what the looks like on the Kindle Fire.

This pretty much sums it up!

Again? What the hell is wrong with MSG? They're almost as bad as the Knicks D tonight.

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