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Biden vs. Raddetz with Paul Ryan moderating. Via

Hahaha. A friend just sent me this pic with the subject "Proof Obama Attended Columbia University."

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture.

I guess it's time to admit I'm putting a campaign bumper sticker on my new car. This one.

Sigh. Oh how I miss Calvin & Hobbes.

From a friend via email, the only known picture of Barack Obama posing with Karl Marx.

And the media is okay with it.

Graphic representation of the jobs report.

Tomorrow morning, the most radical redesign of RedState ever. New logo too. Note the Mark Kilmer post please.

Unlike the London logo, the Rio 2016 logo doesn't look like Lisa Simpson orally pleasing someone. So that's a win.

when media/left says Paul Ryan is "anti-woman", Google searches over the weekend suggests he shouldn't be worried.

Paul Ryan's plan vs. Barack Obama's plan.

Still think this is one of the best things to come across Twitter lately.


God bless Texas. Via, note which items are often purchased together.

Hahahaha. Got this picture in email.

Clearly the Obama camp knew Romney was going there today. LOL. (photoshopped people)

As of 10:58pm ET, the Associated Press had not called the Arkansas race for Barack Obama, but had for Mitt Romney.

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