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Skype made me panic for a second.

Netflix knows who I am :3 Look at the fucking title of the category! #ugh

This is the land we will claim! Who's ready for some adventure? Server will be going up soon.

Splotching 's victim. (It'll make sense soon.)

Working on a new one.

My Olympics.

C'mon man! You can do this!

Can we all just hate this man for a moment.

Story of my life, man.

Let's appreciate this.

One of those days, man.

I feel you Mr. White. I feel you.

Story of my fucking life, man. #breakingbad

This kind of padding around my posts makes me feel like I'm actually gaining a following.

This is my life, most of all the time.

Jesse you are high, get down from there!

And this is Jesse shooting H. #breakingbad (I love my screen caps.)

did you hear? I have a new favourite show.

That's for you.