What if the bachelorette party theme was sluts?

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Why didn't anybody inform me that Geri Halliwell's profile photo is a dead ringer for Jenna Maroney?

The Lisa Frank Star of David is now adorning my nametag until further notice.

Why is this the funniest thing I've read in weeks?

If I manage to eat this matryoshka full of candy corn by the end of the week I give all of you permission to kill me.

This clearly non-genetically mutated apple is the highlight of my day.

Fine fresh fierce we've got it on lock.

Casually sharing a scorpion bowl with my grandmother nbd.

"Russia's sinister dolls." I love you, .

This will never ever get old. I'm going to need a minute, or twenty.

On a sidenote I really need to turn on Radio 1 because well just look at this amazing playlist.

Every twentysomething's defining moment, to be honest.

Thank you to whoever made this a thing.

H&M attempt at Cheryl "Call My Name" pants. I know the dance by heart so I think I have to purchase them.

Iced coffee housed in a pair of cargo shorts. The MBTA never fails to amuse me.

But now Moloko is happening on Ministry of Sound and everything is okay.

This person just followed me on Instagram. Help.