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Twit-wit humorist. MSTie. Tweets may contain technology-related euphoria or Japanese thoughts. The routine is comedy or comedy news.

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#WTFisFishyEating The fried-ness hides something that too many people don't trust.

No #WTFisFishyEating about it. Happy Thanksgiving!

#WTFisFishyEating When serving mashed potatoes AGAIN for the eigth time, it's best to forget nutrition and make them look as bad for you as possible.

Wow, tomato soup with rice and spicyness. #WTFishyEating

... ;_; #WTFisFishyEating

Find the kitty round two:

I give you the great kitty pumpkin (squash) before he rots away...

Separately, these things seemed like a good idea. #WTFisFishyEating

Time to play Hidden Picture. Can you find the cat?

MARCO! #WTFisFishyEating

Dear , sorry we almost ate your dog that one time. Luckily I caught the mistake and tragedy was averted.

I'm going to eat you, krautin' fishy! #WTFisFishyEating

I'm too tired. There just aren't words. #WTFisFishyEating

The pie's the thing. #WTFisFishyEating

I call them Marco Polo plates. This one's tropical. #WTFisFishyEating

Spooky little kitty visiting us for Halloween!

Today I was surprised with Halloween socks!


This unicorn hunt has been going on for over a decade now.

No bacon. No grits. No waffles ::whistle:: Sad Tracey :( #WTFisFishyEating