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Day: blogger marketing manager at @polyvore. Night: tending to my web baby @MuniDiaries. Coffee and cocktails in between.

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Went home after Volcano Japanese curry and found a hairy stranger on my bed.

This ad in the new yorker has annoyed me for so many weeks. The internet is not the enemy. Duh.

How badly do I want blue bottle coffee?

Caltrain guy getting even more comfy. I'm the sucker in heels taking twitpics wishing I were him.

Is this getting a lil too comfy on cal train? Can't decide cuz I wanna do the same!

What you do on a rainy day - got these in Italy and finally filling them out

Belated photo of the surprise donut cake for sister's birthday at Hog and Rocks. She loved it!

Didn't think what I was writing was that boring but this guy's falling asleep watching me type.

Scored at Alameda Antique Market: crazy cat lady does cocktails. Don't worry I only got one napkin.

Dog-lady for a day: "What do you mean we're going to the vet and not the park?"

Waiting on my cocktail at the game. Not bad at all!

Destroyer of sweaters and expensive jeans. Creator of typos.

It's a very salted caramel kind of day. At EOS with Liler.

Found this poster plastered all over my office today. I love my job!

I am capable of entertaining a 7 month old. Who knew?

Congrats and the crew!

and I are fammmmous! At the sfbg best of party.

Building a country (spotted before brunch).

Picking up a charcoal pencil for the first time in eons, first draft on insomniac evening.

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