I dine. I travel. I shop. I network and I'm always looking for the best happy hour in town. I'm a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a few of those.

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DJ G-spot in da haus! Put yo hands up in da air!

This is the real Breaking Dawn and not some stupid vampire shit.

Weather is so confusing just like a lot of LA people. It's grey with a hint of sun.

I should've married our plumber.

Current status: repairing broken nails on company time and company premises. #thuglife

The goal is to hike up and down this mountain and still stay married.

I'll be your twitter paparazzi.

My dad's cousin is on Filipino TV. He's impeaching the Chief Justice in our country #lameclaimtofame

See if I was invited to a Superbowl party, I'd bring this lemon cake w/ cream cheese filling.

Breakfast. Imma juice 'em and top with bacon bits.

Dear Planne Parenthood, I got your back!

Portion control. This makes me sad.

Ahh Juice it! Ahh Juice it! J-juice it real good!

I have a love and hate relationship with this hill. But more HATE.

I'm a professional bootcamper and I'm available for sponsorship. Nike, call me!

2008 called. It wants its re-match back.

I have the "sweetest" husband. I woke up to this!

The newest member of the family has arrived. Please welcome Juicy Lucy.

Healthy breakfast = grumpy person. Try it!

30+ hockey players + a shitload of luggage = I'm surprised our plane didn't crash.