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youve been tweeting a lot today....

Check out 's duck hunt inspired jacket. #swag oof.

Mocha 3's boo.

"why do Asian people always throw up the peace sign?" - Fobby!!

That Japanese guy trying to use a camera haha #influencerconnyc

ok my turn. Mad messy...

I'm setting trends.

she's on e

Camron performing down n out!!!

do yo thang'

.. stuntin in a KS is a habit for

doin his thing to my favorite beat "biggiesmalls-crush on you"

look who I'm withhhhhhhhhhh in ktown!!!


ni Hao dumprings!!

fam all here at BH2!

This is happenin. Right now. BH2, you need to check this out tomorrow errbody!!

oh.. Where to begin.. The biggest flirt and camera whore I know!

look who I'm eating lunch with!!

Bumpin Michael right now right now