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Pretty cool: tweeting at 203 km/h.

A beer in Amsterdam:

Having coffee in our Amsterdam office:

New alternative low budget car, seen at Moormann’s furniture factory:

Another tough test for a typeface: TV listings in the daily paper. This one is FF Unit in Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The ultimate test for a typeface: paper towels with advertising (?)

Waiters in Berlin often have their own ideas:

Sometimes a good old scribble is the quickest way to present a concept:

Siemens have their own typefaces but someone used FF Meta instead on their phones. Good choice.

Berlin, Potsdamer Platz:

Very first mention of ABBA, ca. 1010 AD.

German farmers like their roll-ups.

The first full car-body made entirely of aluminium. The Audi A8, 1993.

The Russians are everywhere:

They have landed:

Started a new career:

FF Meta from Hama beads by :

Dresses by Pantone colours:

I thought these limos couldn't get more ridiculous. I was wrong:

Poeple really cannot spell anymore: